Selling your minerals just got easier

There are many benefits to divesting your
mineral and royalty assets

Benefits of Divesting

Estate Planning

Eliminating oil and gas mineral or royalty interests from an estate can lower the cost of settling the estate.

Increase Liquidity

Your property may be worth more than what you will receive from the lifetime of current production. Divesting your mineral or royalty interests can allow you to invest in other endeavors, settle outstanding debts, pay for college or other expenses.

Tax Relief

Upon the sell of a mineral or royalty interest, one is only subject to capital gains tax. However, holding onto producing mineral or royalty interests, one is subject to severance tax, ad valorem tax, and both federal and state income tax.

Do you understand your rights?

If you are unsure about basic mineral interest terminology,
it may be best for you to brush up on your mineral knowledge
before making a deal.

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